Brookdale offers

A variety of free workshops, seminars and online training sessions to employees of public and private social services agencies throughout New York State. Trainings focus on specific topics and range in duration from an hour to a two-week course.

A majority of the trainings are designed to build the knowledge, skills and competencies of anyone who serves or interacts with clients – from caseworkers and supervisors to clerical staff. These courses include, for example, Advanced Writing Skills, Communication Across the Generational Divide, the Workplace Survivors Guide to Organizing Your Workspace and Time, Interpersonal Skills: Interacting with People You Work with, and It’s My Boss… Not Me! Secrets About Managing Up.

Trainings especially for supervisors help to foster more effective leadership and management. They include, the Fundamentals of Supervision, the Basics of Performance Evaluation, Strengths-Based Problem Solving, and the Art of Project Management.

Brookdale also offers several courses online using distance learning, including Conquer Your Stress, People and Possibilities: Engaging Employees, the Art of Delegation, and Working with You Hurts: Avoiding Emotional Traps at Work.

These courses and many other opportunities for professional development are provided through a contract with two state agencies – the Office of Children & Family Services and the Office of Temporary Disability & Assistance – and the New York City Department of Health.

The Local District Social Services Workforce Development Catalog is available on request.  For further information, please contact Geoff Rogers at

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