Evidence-Based Toolkit for Addressing Chronic Disease

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This three-part Toolkit, available as a single PDF, is designed to help community-based organizations become more effective in preventing or managing the seven most common chronic conditions among older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those conditions are: arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, falls, heart disease, and obesity.

Thirty-five programs, culled from over 100 evidence-based programs are included in the Toolkit. Part I of the Toolkit describes 35 programs whose positive effects on the health of older adults have been rigorously studied and documented in peer-reviewed scholarly literature.  Moreover, these are programs that are feasible to implement in senior centers and other community-based settings serving older adults. Part I also includes implementation guides for each of the 35 programs. Parts II and III of the Toolkit provide instruments for measuring changes in health and well-being among individuals who have one or more of these seven chronic health problems.

The Toolkit is one product among several produced through a multi-year research and demonstration projects on healthy aging in an urban environment.

Adult Care Emergency Preparedness Exercise Toolkit

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An indispensable resource for conducting emergency preparedness exercises in adult care facilities, this comprehensive Toolkit describes how to select an appropriate emergency preparedness exercise based on the nature of the facility and its capacities and needs; successfully conduct the exercise; assess the results; and implement changes based on the results.

The product of a collaboration between Brookdale and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response, the Toolkit has been distributed to more than 130 adult care facility staff and subject matter experts throughout New York City.

Daily Money Management: A “How-To” Manual for Care Management Agencies

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This manual is designed for senior centers, neighborhood social service agencies, senior housing complexes, home care agencies and other organizations that are interested in providing daily money management (DMM) services to their aging and/or disabled clients. Agencies can use the manual to create an entirely new array of services or to refine and improve existing DMM services.

A product of Brookdale’s Daily Money Management Assistance Program, the manual covers the kinds of financial actions and decisions that agencies can make on behalf of their clients and provides guidance on how to manage risk and liability.  The manual also contains sample forms that agencies can use as is or adapt to meet their needs.

For information on setting up a daily money management assistance program, please contact Brookdale’s Senior Staff Attorney Debra Sacks.